Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day TeN (June 18)

Today is Caroline's Birthday! Whoop Whoop! Big Uno Seis! 

We started off today on a slow pace, which I like very much. We ate breakfast and then stayed in our hotel rooms for about two hours to blog and download pictures to our computer. We then went to the worlds greatest Archeological Museum. 

Along the way, we saw a peaceful protest happening along the streets of Athens. They were chanting their songs and each holding different designed flags.

When we arrived to the museum, we were given an Assignment to complete while looking around. We were told to find something that interests us and take it in 10 different angles. 

We left the museum and had some Greek food. I ordered a Greek Salad and Chicken Souvalki. It was delicious! 

We moved on to another art and photography museum down the street. It was very interesting. 

After the last museum of the day, we went to the changing of the guards at the Parliament building. The guards did not show any facial emotion, nor said anything. They would only bang their gun on the marble ground when they saw something that was wrong. 

Today was a fun day, and tomorrow we are off to Nafplio. Whoo Hoo!

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