Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let the FuN Begin!

Our trip has officially started! When I stepped foot into Terminal D of the Intercontinental Airport in Houston, I was ready. At around 1:15, everyone arrived and we were on our way to check-in our luggage. We said our goodbyes and lined up in the Air France baggage check-in line, curiously waiting to see if our bags were over 50 pounds. Thankfully, no one was charged with an oversized baggage fee, even though mine weighed 51.9 pounds. We cleared baggage check and then we moved on to security.

Security was a breeze, thank God. Usually the lines are enormously long and annoying to wait in, but today there were no problems. We gathered our belongings and went to the gate.  We boarded Air France and I sat next to Rachel Owens and Caroline Leggett on row 28. 

It was an 8 hour and 41 minute flight from Houston to Paris, France. During the flight, we were served two meals: dinner and an early breakfast. For dinner we had a choice of shrimp or chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, lemon cake, grapes, cheese and cuz cuz rice. And for breakfast we were served a blueberry muffin, fruit, yogurt, and a glass of orange juice. On the flight they had individual televisions on the headrest of the seat in front where we were sitting. On the TV's you were able to watch movies, listen to French music, play games, and even track the flight. I chose to watch movies including, No Strings Attached, Charlie St. Cloud and Hall Pass. The idea of falling asleep on the plane for 8 hours was great, but it was hard to do. Sitting up and trying to sleep is very challenging, and I can never manage to do it. 

The plane that we flew to our first destination: Paris, France.

Even though I could not shut my eyes on the plane, the flight was very enjoyable, It was not too long, but definitely not short. 

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