Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day ThReE (June 11)

I finally walked the streets of Florence (Firenze) for the first time in my life! It honestly was nothing like I pictures it, but better!

When we woke up, we came downstairs and had a simple breakfast of just bread and jelly/butter. It was a very nice way to start off the day. After we all completed breakfast, we stayed in the eating area and had orientation with the National Geographic leaders, David and Carolyn. They went over the rules, guidelines, and some elements that we need to keep in mind when we are shooting. 

We left the hotel and walked down many streets to the common area. The huge chapel was located in this area, along with other amazing elements as well. The first activity of the day was a Scavenger Hunt. David and Carolyn put us into groups and had us complete a list of photos and videos that we needed to get. I was grouped with Claire Hogan and Demeris Burritt. I had a great time with them. We went all over the common area in search of every key thing on the list of "Photography To-Dos". We were able to complete almost everything on the list, but some things were not possible to accomplish. 

This is a picture of one of the elements on the Scavenger Hunt list: make a human pyramid in front of a famous building. (I am on the top, Demeris Burritt is on the left, and Claire Hogan is on the right.)

This is a picture of one of the elements on the Scavenger Hunt list: "I can't believe we can all fit!"

This is a picture of one of the elements on the Scavenger Hunt list: take a picture of your reflection in something other than a mirror.

After the time was up for the Scavenger Hunt, we met back in the common area and headed off to an amazing Italian Lunch. We ate at Pizzeria Huti, and I ordered Spaghetti with garlic, oil and crushed spicy red pepper. It was so good! I actually got to taste real spaghetti! For dessert, we had a honey coated waffle with nutella on top. Delicioso!

We then headed off to the museum where we saw the famous statue of David. I never knew that it was actually that big. I always thought that it was smaller and life-size, but it measured out to be seventeen feet tall. I was able to see all types of sculptures, paintings and many other types of art in that museum. It was an amazing experience to be able to see something like that. Caroline Leggett didn't fall asleep or anything at the museum.

This is a picture of Caroline Leggett on the benches in the museum with the statue of David. 

We finished our day off with an Italian Cooking Class. We made Spinach Ravioli, Chicken with tomato sauce and sauteed onions, grilled vegetables, and for dessert, Tiramisu. We made everything from scratch all in two hours. Everything was delicious! I love Italy!

This is a picture of the Spinach Ravioli that we made. 

 This is a picture of the Tomato Sauce Chicken with sauteed onions that we made.

This is a picture of the Grilled Vegetables that we made.

This is a picture of the Tiramisu that we made.

Here are some pictures from walking around the common area...

This is a picture of Ellie Hopper.

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