Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Nine (June 17)

Unfortunately, today was the last day in the beautiful Delphi. 

We came downstairs to have our last breakfast around 8 in the morning, and I had yogurt and honey again! We brought our bags down from our rooms, and loaded the bus by 9 in the morning. Delphi was so beautiful and I didn't want to leave. We were on our way to Athens with a three hour bus ride.

When we arrived in Athens, it was nothing like Delphi. Athens was a huge, crowded, and loud city, where Delphi was a small, and quiet city. The bus pulled over and we were dropped off right by the hotel. We are staying at the Athens Center Square Hotel right in front of some markets. All the venders are yelling in Greek trying to sell their products. As we checked into the hotel, we were assigned roommates. I was paired to room with Stephanie Skolnik in room 103. She is so funny!

After unloading all of our stuff in our rooms, as a group, we went to a souvlaki and gyro restaurant right down the street from the hotel. I ordered a chicken gyro and mostly everyone else did as well. It was really good! 

We then split into groups of 6 or 7 and went with the leaders to go and photograph Athens. I was in a group with Madeline Stewart, Stephanie Skolnik, Ariel Wilks, Claire Hogan, Caroline Leggett, Demeris Burritt and the leaders were Carolynn and David. Ms Hartman and Ms Cannon went with the other group.  David and Carolynn gave our group an element to focus on when we walk around. They said to take portraits of local people either posing for you or you find a way to take their picture. Below are some of the portraits i took...

This is a picture of a guy that I saw on the street.

 This is a picture of a guy that we actually talked to and asked if we could take his picture.

 This is a picture of Stephanie Skolnik laughing at something funny. 

 This is a picture of a guy that we met on the street. He is a professional trainer.

 This is a picture of Rachel Owens modeling for the camera. 

Both groups met up about two hours later and we went to the Acropolis. It was beautiful! Inside the Acropolis, there is the Parthenon and another building that I do not know the name of. The Acropolis was up in the hills and overlooked the city of Athens. The architecture of the buildings was unbelievable. The buildings have been rebuilt many times because of their age. It was really a sight that I will never forget about. 

After the Acropolis, we went shopping for about thirty minutes around that area and then headed off for dinner at a traditional Greek Restaurant. There were Greek dancers, Greek music, and great Greek food. It was a great night.

We got back to the hotel around 10:45 and said goodbye to Ms Hartman. He had to head back to the United States because of her grandmother being sick. We each gave her a big hug and said goodnight. 

Ms. Hartman, all of us will keep you and your family in our prayers and thoughts. We love you!

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