Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The gREEk Life

In 1994, I was born into a Big Fat Greek Family. Both of my parents are of Greek heritage and as a result, I have been raised under a Greek roof. If you have seen the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding, that is my life. 

When I was younger, I was sent to Greek School to learn the Greek alphabet and the basics of the language. Twice a week, my parents took me to the Church for my two hours of Greek tutoring and then asked me what I learned. I am still able to understand basic things that are said in conversations and am able to say a few things in return.

Learning the language is just one element in the Greek culture. Every year in October, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral hosts a Greek Festival consisting of Greek food, Greek dancing, Greek music, and the Greek atmosphere. I am a part of the Folk Dance Show every year, along with my friends and family. I have been a part of the show for nine years, and love learning and spreading the Greek culture. Opa!

This is a picture of me and my Greek School teacher dressed in my traditional Greek Dance costume. 

This is a picture of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral's Greek Festival Dancers.

This is a picture of Katherine Cokinos dressed in her Greek Dance costume. She performed in the Greek Festival's Folk Dance Show this year. 

This is a picture of my sister, Victoria (right) and her friend, Christina dressed in their Greek Dancing costumes. 

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