Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Six (June 14)

Uno – due – tre – cuatro – CINQUE TERRA.

We woke up at 7:00 in the morning, and were on our way to Cinque Terra riding in a private bus. With a towel over my head, I slept the whole two hour bus ride to the train station. Once we got to the train station, we rode 18 minutes to Cinque Terra. 

Cinque Terra is an area on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea filled with cute little shops, restaurants and a beautiful beach. Before we had the opportunity to get right to the beach, we had to hike there. The whole group went on a two and a half hour hike up and downhill. 

The first part of the hike was the hardest. When we began our walking and most of it was up a lot of very steep and long steps. As we cleared the stairs, we rested at a small lemonade stand and took a breather. It was a short rest, and then we went back and hit the trails again. The trail was long, but totally worth it. The view was amazing and the feeling after a great work out i felt great. 

We arrived at Cinque Terra and waited for the rest of the group to come down the step hills of the Mediterranean. We had about two hours in the village to get something to eat, and then either shop or go to the beach. I chose to shop with Claire Hogan and Ellie Hopper. We went to the little souvenir stores and also took pictures of people at the beach. 

This is a picture of a paddle boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

This is a picture of the rocks in the Mediterranean Sea.

 This is a picture of a line of rocks in the Mediterranean Sea.

After about two hours in Cinque Terra, we headed back to the train station and got on the bus back to the hotel. Once again, I slept all the way back. 

As we arrived in Florence, we went to the hotel and Massimo showed us his photos and book that he created. His work was amazing. He went to a monastery to photograph the lives and culture of the Italian monks. It was neat to see other monks, because my uncle is one up in Boston. He is not an Italian monk, but Greek Orthodox. The Italian monastery was more strict in allowing the monks to have any communication with the outside world, but did allow once a week opportunities. It Boston, my uncle is able to talk to anyone at any time. We are allowed to go see him, and we do every year for about four days. 

After seeing his amazing works, we headed out for our last Italian dinner and then off for our last GELATO as well. 

We are heading off to Greece tomorrow and I am so excited! Opa!

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